101 Things (2.0)

Start date: 26 August 2013
End date: 23 May 2016
Complete: 49.5/101

1) Done! — Hike in the Andes [So much fun!]
25) Go camping and hiking in Baxter State Park with Lisa
26) Done! — Go backpacking with Lisa [Lisa is a super-trooper!]
31) Done! — Go to Québec City [Well, Québec est genial!]
42) Done! — Eat fried chicken in the South with Lisa and Victoria [We did this the day before the JDRF ride.]
43) Done! — See another Vermeer painting [Lisa and I saw two at the National Gallery in London, four at the Frick Collection in NYC, one from a private collection that was on view at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, two more at the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin, and another at the National Gallery of Art in DC on loan from the Rijksmuseum.]
46) Go to Tijuana
55) Done! — Go to Gourmet Burger Kitchen in London [Still delicious!]
56) Buy chocolates in Brussels
57) Done! — Eat currywurst in Berlin [I have to admit: I was a little disappointed in the currywurst, although Berlin was wonderful.]
63) Go to Prague
68) Go to a hockey game at le Centre Bell in Montréal
99) See “The Death of General Wolfe” in Ottawa
101) Eat pastries in Paris
102) Take the ferry to Martha’s Vinyard
103) Visit the whaling museum on Nantucket
104) Go to the Bahamas with Lisa

Swim, Bike, Run, &c
2) Done! — Run a marathon [20 October 2013 — Baystate Marathon: 4:00:25]
3) Done! — Swim 2.4 miles [27 November 2013 — I swam it in 1:27:43 at my pool]
4) Bike from Williamstown to our house (130+ miles)
5) Done! — Do the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon [12 June 2016 — Wow! That was difficult and fun.]
6) Done! — Swim in the Pacific [Some coworkers and I swam at La Jolla Shores in San Diego . . . in late January! I swam with a leopard shark. Very cool!]
13) Do an off-road triathlon
27) Hike the Presidential Traverse
28) Snowshoe up Mt. Greylock
29) Done! — Run the trail around Whitehall reservoir the whole way (7+ miles) [25 October 2014 — So beautiful!]
32) Do the Buzzard Bay swim (1.2 miles)
33) Done! — Bike the Kancamagus Highway [18 July 2015 — I did a little "4 Notches" ride: Franconia, Kancamagus, Bear, and Crawford Notches]
37) Done! — Do 10 flip turns in a row at the pool [Some better than others, but all better than last year.]
47) Done! — Go cross country skiing sans falling [I did it!]
48) Done! — Hike a mountain with Lisa [1 June 2014 — Lisa and I hiked Mount Wachusset via the Mountain House Trail]
53) Do a flying mount and dismount on the bike during a race
54) Done! — Do Rev 3 Maine [A great race with a new 70.3 PR.]
60) Done! — Do a full Ironman [13 September 2015 — Jeff Mather, you are an Ironman!]
62) Done! — Figure out how not to dehydrate during triathlon [20-24 ounces of water with electrolytes per hour on the bike and about 16 oz/hour on the run seems to do the trick.]
66) Done! — Go kayaking or canoeing [Victoria, Susan, and I went the day before the JDRF Tahoe ride.]
71) Done! — Go bike riding on the Cape with Lisa [We had a lot of fun riding the Shining Sea Bike Path in Falmouth . . . twice]
73) Done-ish . . . — Ride a few more times with Scully [We rode together after RAGBRAI in 2014]
85) Go mountain biking
90) Done! — Bike at least 112 mile in one go [I rode about 112 miles on the long day of RAGBRAI last year, and I rode 130 while becoming a Knight of Sufferlandria]
91) Do the Six Gaps ride in Vermont
95) Done! — Develop a tri-specific strength training plan [25 February 2014]
97) Do the George Street Bike Challenge
98) Do Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant

Cooking and Food
7) Done! — Make an omelet [Yummy! Although, four eggs were a lot for one person.]
8) Done! — Make crêpes [Yummy!]
9) Done! — Make a French dinner [Quite the undertaking, but so delicious!]
10) Done! — Find some recipes from Feed Zone Portables that I like and want to keep making [I think I like their chicken tikka masala recipe best]
30) Done! — Buy a grill [It was a grill, but we have one; that's the important part.]
58) Done! — Find a new local Thai place [Chim Thai Cafe]
84) Done! — Find five new recipes/dishes to add to the “usual suspects” [Thanks, bread, for being such a big part of this!]

11) Done! — See Céline again [I dropped into Saint Catherines after RAGBRAI. She is a lot of fun.]
35) Done! — See Kerry again [I hope we see her again in the next 950+ days!]
69) Done! — See Mary and Adam again [July 4th weekend, 2014]
72) Done! — Meet Patricia Brownell in real life [March 2013: She really is as nice as she seems online.]

Making, Fixing, Etc.
12) Replace the shift cables on my mountain bike
20) Present at a Boston Quantified Self event
23) Done! — Update my WordPress installation [Well, that's done. And it was so easy. Why did I wait?]
24) Switch web hosting services
38) Read a FitBit device from MATLAB
39) Figure out how to share the diabetes app
50) Done! — Program an Arduino board [9 September 2013]
51) Re-write the DICOM parser
59) Done! — Learn a good way to keep a bike chain clean [It's easy. Just clean it more often.]
79) Read my OneTouch BG meters from MATLAB
80) Communicate with my Contour USB meter from MATLAB
81) Build a free-standing device that downloads from all of my diabetes devices
86) Learn how to true a tire
92) Make 10 mix-tape CDs for Lisa

Film, Television, and Music
14) Done! — Watch “Breaking Bad” [27 February 2014 — That's the best television that I've watched since "The Wire."]
15) Done! — Watch “The Walking Dead” [September 2014 — So much fun!]
16) Done! — Watch “Homeland” [It's fun so far.]
17) Watch “Boardwalk Empire” [I tried to like it, but I didn't.]
18) Watch “The Sopranos”
21) See “Götterdämmerung”
22) See “The Book of Mormon”
40) Finish the CD project
64) Watch two Netflix DVDs every fortnight
65) Watch the Wong Kar Wai films I haven’t yet seen
74) See Bomba Estéreo in concert
75) See A Tribe Called Red in concert
76) Done! — See Emmylou Harris in concert (again!) [That concert was pretty much perfect! . . . Okay, we saw her twice in 2014.]
89) Watch “The Wire” (again)

19) Read 5,000 pages in books — (1 February 2014 = 1450 pp)
34) Clean the office… for realz
36) Go to a minor league baseball game
41) Done! — Pay off the home equity loan [November 2013]
44) Done! — Get my hematocrit closer to the middle of the normal range [It's not perfect, but it's better and within the reference range.]
45) Done! — Have a quinceañera party for my ‘betes [4 October 2014 — ¡Lisa made a piñata!]
49) Get a 7.0 A1C without a lot of lows
52) Make a car go sideways (in a safe setting)
61) Make a will
67) Go to a Bruins game at the Garden
70) Done! — Get rid of an extra computer or two (or three) [We recycled the computer from 1998 on 14 September 2013.]
77) Done! — Volunteer at the food bank again [Four other coworkers and I sorted food donations on 20 May 2015.]
78) Tutor the 4th graders in math again
82) Go to 10 new museums within a day’s drive of here
83) Write “Thank You” notes to all of my JDRF donors
87) Read Leaves of Grass
88) Read On the Road
93) Sell something on Amazon.com or eBay
94) Done! — Pick an infusion set to replace the Sof-Set [I decided to go with the Silhouette]
96) Done! — Go zip-lining [18 July 2015 — So much fun!]
100) Done! — Go through the Duolingo program to learn Spanish [¡Terminado!]

The numbers reflect the original order that I wrote them down. You can browse the previous 101 in 1001 list from 2010-2013. I did just under half (49) of those. Maybe this time around I will accomplish a bit more.

2 Responses to 101 Things (2.0)

  1. Céline says:

    Great list Jeff. Lots of challenges and fun things.

    That Céline girl sounds fun. You should totally find a way to get together with her again.

  2. Fran says:

    I like the number 100. Come on! / Me gusta la número 100. Ánimo!

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