101 Things (3.0)

Start date: 27 July 2016
End date: 23 April 2019
Complete: 32/101

5) Go to the Bahamas with Lisa (waterslide optional)
11) Visit the Nantucket whaling museum
12) Done! — Go to the Vermont statehouse [It's an adorable building!]
13) Go to the Rhode Island statehouse
14) Go to the Connecticut statehouse
15) Snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef
17) Eat chocolates in Brussels
19) Go to the ville de Québec (again)
20) Done! — Something something Canada with Lisa’s parents [In May we met them in Montréal]
23) Camp in Baxter State Park with Lisa
24) Done! — Eat pastries in Chamonix [I ate so many pastries]
25) Done! — Walk across the Italian border [Lisa, Mary, Adam, and I hiked over the Col de la Seigne]
26) Done! — Speak very bad German in Switzerland [My German is terrible]
35) Go to Hawai’i
43) Done! — Go to a hockey game at the Bell Centre in Montreal [We went to a game in November 2016]
79) Go to NYC with Lisa’s parents
87) Eat at Doyle’s Seafood
97) Go to Acadia with Lisa

Swim, Bike, Run, &c
2) Done! — Ride bikes in Wisconsin with my mom
3) Ride a mountain bike with Sir Alex
4) Ride a mountain bike with Robyn
8) Do another biathlon
9) Try to run a marathon PR
10) Run the Boston marathon
16) Ride my bike on the Captain Cook Highway
18) Do Ironman 70.3 Mt. Tremblant
27)Done! — Hike with Mary and Adam
29) Go on an overnight bike trip
33) Done! — Do a trail run with Jason Breslau
60) Climb Mt. Washington
61) Hike the Presidential Traverse
67) Done! — Do a triathlon where my BG does not go over 250 on the bike
71) Go cross-country skiing with Robyn
73) Done! — Swim to the dam and back [27 July 2016 — About 7 of us swam]
80) Go kayaking with Lisa
83) Go trail running every month for a year
88) Do at least two strength workouts each week during the winter
89) Ride my bike with Victoria Cumbow
92) Try rowing
93) Do the Buzzard’s Bay swim

Cooking and Food
1) Grill a really excellent sirloin
6) Done! — Make pain au chocolat
21) Make brioche au framboise
22) Make chicken hot basil with sticky rice
36) Make fish tacos
37) Done! — Make a delicious salade Niçoise
38) Done! — Make eclairs
39) Go to the Depot Street Tavern
47) Make hamburgers
48) Done! — Make Laugenecke
63) Done! — Try five new cheeses
76) Done! — Make macarons
82) Make truffles
86) Done! — Make delicious Chipas de Paraguay
95) Make risotto

31) Done! — Have coffee with Celine
68) Get a tour of Portsmouth with Sue and Sarah
69) See Courtney and Rich
70) See Ken and Cynthia

Making, Fixing, Etc.
40) Make Lisa 10 mixtape CDs
50) Done! — Change the dining room lights
51) Make a 3D time lapse movie
102) Contribute some code to Tidepool or another #WeAreNotWaiting project

Film, Television, Books, Art, and Music
7) See Adele in concert
34) Read Nina McConigley’s new novel
44) Finish listening to all the CDs
49) Read Art in Time
52) Go to the Worcester Art Museum
53) Go to The Met Breuer
54) Look at aboriginal art
55) Done! — See two new (to us) Vermeer paintings
56) See “La Bohème”
57) See “Aïda”
58) Done! — Go to the Boston Ballet
64) Done! — Watch “Narcos” [31 July 2016 — I hope there's a second season.]
65) Done! — Watch “Mr. Robot”
66) Read Sandman
74) Watch “Götterdämmerung”
75) Hear the BSO play at Tanglewood
77) See Bomba Estereo in concert
78) See A Tribe Called Red in concert
81) Watch “Purple Rain”
84) Done! — See a new (to me) Calder mobile [The National Gallery in Ottawa has a nice one.]
85) Watch “Mad Men” again
94) Read the Cezanne book
96) Read the Dark Tower books
98) Done! — Go to an organ concert or recital
99) Watch “Mulholland Drive”
100) Watch all of the Wong Kar Wai films
101) Read Leaves of Grass

28) Done! — Complete the Duolingo French program
30) Done! — Cheer Lisa on in a race
32) Ride a really tall roller coaster
41) Done! — Get rid of the landline
42) Done! — Get a new phone
45) Done! — Go to a Bruins game
46) Go skydiving
59) Go to two local farm stands
62) Tutor 4th graders in math
72) Have two days in a row without my CGM alarming
90) Done! — Raise $15,000 for JDRF
91) Go to an anti-Trump rally

The numbers reflect the original order that I wrote them down. You can browse the previous 101 in 1001 lists from 2010-2013 and 2013-2016. I did just under half (49.5) of those. That’s about the same as the previous time. Woo!

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