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We’re over Georgia now, the former Soviet Republic and site of tension between the US and Russia. U2′s Bono is singing “Love and Peace or Else” in my ear which strikes me as rather ironic. A little later on this … Continue reading

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Do you know the way to JFK

We’re on the Limoliner bus to New York as I write this dispatch [now posted from Shimla]. Our adventure is about to begin, and I must admit that I am quite excited . . . to the point of nervousness. … Continue reading

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Lariam Ipsum Dolor?

Yesterday Lisa and I took our first of eight weekly doses of Lariam (mefloquine hydrochloride), the antimalarial drug our tropical medicine doctor recommended. Actually we had a choice between Mefloquine and Doxycycline, which we would have had to take each … Continue reading

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India and the Web

“The websites in India are a lot like the sites here. I guess it’s more accurate to say, the web in India is like the web for blue-state American companies was like about five years ago and like today’s red-state ‘Mom and Pop’ Internet.”

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Well, setting up the weblog wasn’t too painful… Welcome to the dispatches section of my website. Here I will post dispatches from our travels, interesting items related to photography, and whatever else needs sharing with the world. The ‘blog itself … Continue reading

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