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Camera club at a turning point

Last year I went to California Dreamin’: Camera Clubs and the Pictorial Photography Tradition, an exhibit at the Boston University Art Gallery. The period it covered, about 1910-1930, was an interesting time for American photography. Pictorialism — the self-conscious style … Continue reading

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Marshall’s blog

Readers might be interested in Marshall Goff’s blog. Marshall is quite a good photographer and is turning into a superlative printmaker; and on many occasions we have shared confusion about how to drum up sales. If you have ideas, let … Continue reading

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After reading the Lonely Planet guide to Mongolia, it does sound like an interesting place to visit — especially if you’re into spending a week on horseback or mountain-biking into the hinterlands without a guide or sleeping in a yurt. … Continue reading

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Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey on Outsourcing

Last week I posted about a Times editorial on outsourcing. Today the commonwealth’s Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey came to The MathWorks to present us with a proclamation and thank us for being a good Massachusetts business. (You can add her … Continue reading

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Automatic update notices

Do you wish you could get an e-mail everytime I create a new dispatch? A nifty little service called RMail will use the RSS feed. To use the service, enter your e-mail address and this RSS feed address: I … Continue reading

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Reflections on religion

By and large, India — the world’s largest democracy — seems at ease with being the world’s largest pluralist society. The prime minister is Sikh. The head of the ruling government, Sonia Gandhi, is an Italian-born Christian. Statistically, this would be like the U.S. having a Jew for president and a Muslim heading the GOP. (Okay, that kind of made me chuckle…) Continue reading

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We’ll have to wait a couple years for more, extensive international travel (other than Canada) since we’re short of vacation and I misplaced all of those stacks of money we would need. So I have decided to live vicariously by … Continue reading

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Times editorial on outsourcing

Today’s New York Times contains an interesting editorial on outsourcing from the perspective of Suketu Mehta, an Indian-American. Basically she he says Americans need to study harder, work harder, and not expect other nations to let us coast on past … Continue reading

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India as I saw it

My images from India are now online. Go See Them!

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New photography site on the way

Okay, I’m definitely going digital . . . in about two years when I can afford the camera I want. (Until then I’ll have to settle for avarice.) The relative ease of getting Lisa’s pictures off her digital camera compared … Continue reading

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This is a test . . . in Hindi

This is a test. I’m going to try to put some Devanagari text containing a couple of Hindi sentences into this post. I have it working in Microsoft Word. Let’s see if it works here. नमस्ते । मैं जेफ हूँ … Continue reading

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