Automatic update notices

Do you wish you could get an e-mail everytime I create a new dispatch? A nifty little service called RMail will use the RSS feed. To use the service, enter your e-mail address and this RSS feed address:

I personally don’t have news updates sent to me for most sites. There are just too many RSS feeds for sites that interest me. Instead, I use the Abilon news aggregator, which keeps track of a bunch of different RSS feeds and displays updates of different sites all in one place. Once you’re in the habit of looking at it regularly — or one of the many other aggregators out there (such as the web-based BlogLines) — you’ll keep up-to-date without cluttering your inbox.

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  1. Actually, you don’t have to clutter your inbox [with automatic e-mails (ed.)]. Some have starting using Gmail labeling and rules to organize their feeds.

    You can still use Abilon/Bloglines for regular reading, but archive all the items in Gmail for later quick searchability.

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