New photography site on the way

Jaisalmer Okay, I’m definitely going digital . . . in about two years when I can afford the camera I want. (Until then I’ll have to settle for avarice.) The relative ease of getting Lisa’s pictures off her digital camera compared to the rather time consuming and tedious process of scanning 35mm slides — I’m writing this entry in chunks while the scanner is producing beautiful eight-megapixel scans in the background — was what it took to convince me that now is the time. I still love the idea of having the slide (a tangible, material artefact) in my collection, but everything I do with images now is electronic.

Time passes . . . I just finished scanning. Soon highlights from the five rolls of film I exposed in India will be online in the next few days (hopefully).

If you’ve visited my photography site before, you will probably notice some differences already. Starting with the home page, I have been ripping up the old static HTML and replacing it with a database-backed, PHP-driven, standards-compliant system. In the near future (hopefully) all of the image galleries will be replaced, too, giving them a uniform appearance.

I have wanted to do this for a while, but it was always easier (if not always faster) to create a new set of static pages. The time is right: the CSS prototypes worked splendidly; the coding of the home page is complete; the database schema for the galleries is done; and I’ll let you know when the India gallery is ready.

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