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Mary Ellen Mark’s “Falkland Road”

Steidl is reprinting an expanded version of Mary Ellen Mark’s Falkland Road (with provocative cover art). The Times’ Holland Cotter reviewed the book a couple weeks ago. I thought I knew a lot about Mary Ellen Mark and her style, … Continue reading

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Top 10 Myths about Iraq

While I still think it would be safe and enjoyable to visit Iran, I won’t be visiting its troubled neighbor anytime soon. So much is going on there — so much that is so poorly reported in the American media … Continue reading

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I haven’t gone to Antarctica. I haven’t even been south of the Equator. But Jeff Schewe’s description of his Antarctic expedition sure makes me want to go sometime — though perhaps not as part of an enormous 40+ person photographic … Continue reading

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More Noteworthy Blogs

Leslie noted that the noteworthy blogs of the Weblog Awards really aren’t all that noteworthy and/or interesting to her. Yup, there’s a lot out there to sift through. And over on Cliopatria, Ralph Luker is paying the group blog’s debts. … Continue reading

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Follow ups #1

Brain Drain: The Times ran an article yesterday saying that some Indians find they can go home again. Exurbs: Whilst searching for the Times article to link against last, week I chose “exurb” as my keyword. That led to an … Continue reading

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E.O. Wilson on Darwin and the religious impulse

I have to confess that I first thought Radio Open Source was an attempt by public radio to seem trendy (open source, blogging, podcasts) while giving Christopher Lydon another shot at getting into the liberal talk radio game in Boston. … Continue reading

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Apocalypto trailer

Pete—I mean “Fang”—gushes about the new trailer for Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto. It’s definitely a beautiful looking film, but the preview tells me nothing about what actually happens, though there are hints of a love story and violence and un-Christian religion. … Continue reading

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Noteworthy blogs

Need something new to read? Try some of the Weblog Award winners and nominees.

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National Academies report on technology leadership

Last month I wrote how well-qualified international applicants are filling the holes in higher education that native-born Americans just can’t (or won’t) seem to fill, and how (anecdotaly) this trend is influencing hiring in high tech. Whether or not you … Continue reading

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How fake is your fake news?

Real news curmudgeons want to know.

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News from the “flyover states”

Finally some good news from my former home state makes the national press. Apparently someone from the Times was thinking about Brokeback Mountain and got to wondering whether there are any gay people in Wyoming in real life. It seems … Continue reading

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2004 Election results

Wishing for better maps shortly after the election, I took matters into my own hands and analyzed the election results by county using the same Mapping Toolbox that we sell to customers. After a few evenings of work I had … Continue reading

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MATLAB + Doom = Future engineers

“The next-generation engineer will use the 3D control scheme he has grown up with.” That’s how Jörg Buchholz introduced his Doom 1.1 MATLAB code that lets data visualizers “fly through a 3D scene like in a first-person shooter in god … Continue reading

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Colorizing Black and White Images

Why, oh why, do we stubbornly cling to the idea that images are — or even should be — truthful? Why don’t we just assume that images are always layered with enough ambiguity, unknowability, and choices of the photographer and … Continue reading

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Things to do on a 14.5 hour flight

South Asian grad student and Chapati Mystery author Sepoy posted a link to a list of ways to stave off the boredom on the flight to India. Righteously cranky!

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