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New MATLAB-related article

Curious how I spend my days at work? Well, my new article Two New Functions for Converting Datatypes and Changing Byte Order pretty much sums it all up. Create small applications in MATLAB and C to access file formats. Write … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season

I just finished printing a set of images for the twelfth annual juried exhibition at the Griffin Museum. One or two other adventurous souls from the club are also submitting work. It would be a real coup to get into … Continue reading

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Source for photography information and exhibits in the Boston area

From the PRC Boston’s survey on where we find information on photography and where we go to see or make it: Afterimage Artist Foundation Listserv Art New England Arts Media Big Red & Shiny Boston Common Boston Globe … Continue reading

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Random things noted

So much to share . . . Outsourcing: Finally an elected Democrat steps up to the plate on offshoring in the form of Max Baucus (D-MT) — from Top Outsourcing Info. U.S. Senator Max Baucus, the top Democrat on the … Continue reading

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Mini failure analysis of site attack

In the spirit of kaizen (continuous improvement) and eliminating muda (waste), here is a mini failure analysis of the attack on my web site. The effective cause of the failure was a SQL injection attack on my site, most likely … Continue reading

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A word of caution to Movable Type bloggers

I just finished cleaning up some nefarious content from my web server, and I’m putting this post out there as a warning and an antiseptic for anyone who runs into a similar problem. Parts of my site got hijacked, apparently … Continue reading

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Word of the day

Today’s word of the day is medicolegal. Yesterday’s word: emo.

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Contemporary photography prep #1

I really admire those people who are willing to put their research (and by extension, their reputations) out there as they are working on it. I don’t get the chance to do much academic research these days, but I am … Continue reading

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Bad Blood

Lisa has been reading the new series in The New York Times on diabetes: Bad Blood. She has always taken an active interest in my chronic disease, but seeing the potential for (tragic) complications spelled out seems to be making … Continue reading

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Best history blogs of 2005

Cliopatria has chosen what they feel are the best history blogs in 2005.

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Adobe Lightroom

You can just bet your ass I’m going to get my hands on the new beta of Adobe Lightroom (

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West Newton Cinema exhibit

Yesterday evening Lisa and I attended the opening of the Newton Camera Club‘s “juried” exhibit at the West Newton Cinema. Go check it out if you can. Update: Marshall posted some images of the show being hung. Two of my … Continue reading

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Country Boys

Make some room on your busy social calendars (and on your sofa) tonight for David Sutherland’s new film Country Boys. Sutherland previously made The Farmer’s Wife, which is probably the most compelling documentary I’ve ever seen. It’s been eight years … Continue reading

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“Just tell them you’re doing research for a book. That’s what we say in academia when we find ourselves getting more fixated on a topic than we probably ought.” Leslie’s suggestion seemed just credible enough to work. But I’m not … Continue reading

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Fun in Siberia

The power went out in Milford ’round midnight, setting off loud sirens from security alarms thoughout the neighborhood and vaporizing a goodly portion of my forthcoming “Orientalism” post. I was also fixing to mention in passing the new Amur Link … Continue reading

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