‘Tis the Season

I just finished printing a set of images for the twelfth annual juried exhibition at the Griffin Museum. One or two other adventurous souls from the club are also submitting work. It would be a real coup to get into this show or the PRC‘s member show. Meanwhile, as long as I submit the work and follow the instructions, I can quite easily get into the alumni show at the Faulconer Gallery of Art. I’m still thinking about what work of mine could fit into the Panopticon Elements juried show.

The Griffin holds a special place in my heart. The first exhibit I saw there — the annual juried show three or four years ago — didn’t exactly open my eyes to the possibilities of the medium but did show me enough of the photographic milieu to give me a bit of an existential crisis, which pushed my work into new directions and helped resolve some of my “where do I want to go with photography?” issues.

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