Digging Out

I’m moving offices sometime in the next 10 days. A bunch of orange crates sit inside and outside my office, waiting for my to pack them full of files, books, journals, dinosaurs, and the like. In the spirit of cleaning and Getting Things Done (which doesn’t have to be a cult, by the way; it just works better for people who give in completely), I’m treating my office as an inbox and decluttering. (Notice any trends?)

But I’ve noticed the inbox extends into virtual space — RSS news feeds for blogs, the e-mail inbox, and Netscape/Mozilla tabs all pile up as effectively as their paper cousins. In order to keep this under control, I’m (a) GTD’ing my computer, and (b) unsubscribing from a lot of feeds, lists, and the like. I’ve finally found a reason to use del.icio.us bookmarks and tagging, just dumping web articles into a someday bucket via tags. And the NY Times’ “My Pages” features saves me from feeling like I have to read the page right now.

So what to do about all of the remaining clutter? Here are a few articles from 43Folders about staying organized and on top of the piles.

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