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It’s do-it-yourself day here. I put my library show prints into too large of frames (18×24″), so I spent a little time tonight reprinting, cutting new mats, and getting the frames ready. As with every DIY project, you have to … Continue reading

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You dropped the bomb on me, baby!

Do you live somewhere other than the United States? Did you at one point? Does your country have declared or undeclared nuclear weapons? Perhaps it exploded them in 1998? Perhaps it’s working on a nuclear fuel cycle but not to … Continue reading

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High-end Indian travel photography

I don’t usually post comments here that I posted on other people’s blogs, but here’s one on Henri Cartier-Bresson at Chapati Mystery. It seems right to include a bit about travel photography and India and truthfulness. I personally found it … Continue reading

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A mental soundtrack for the Midwest trip?

A while back I mentioned that the music for David Sutherland’s The Farmer’s Wife was the mournful soundtrack that came to mind when I thought of Iowa. The most recent Sutherland film, Country Boys, was a bit disappointing, but the … Continue reading

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Mentally ill people in prisons

On my local news broadcast tonight, I heard a pair of disturbing statistics: Last week, Team 5 uncovered the case of Nelson Rodriguez, a mentally ill prisoner who took his own life while in Walpole State Prison. NewsCenter 5′s Janet … Continue reading

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Musical zeitgeist?

As seen at The Clutter Museum. Instructions: Go to your music player of choice and put it on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud, and press play. Use the song title as the answer to the question. NO CHEATING. How … Continue reading

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The Banished

When Tocqueville toured America in the early national period, he visited several prisons: To sum up the whole on this point, it must be acknowledged that the penitentiary system in America is severe. While society in the United States gives … Continue reading

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I knew that the Commonwealth project was going to be big, but I only started to get an inkling in January, 2005, when Leslie and I were walking along the levee outside Nicolaus, California. “Everyone is going to want to … Continue reading

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Notes from the jury

The Newton Camera Club’s annual library print show is coming next month. The size of the club has grown rather a lot over the last few years, and we weren’t sure that we would have enough for two prints from … Continue reading

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The Midwest: A Red-State Adventure Preview

“Red states.” “Fly-over states.” “Jesusland.” Christopher Hitchens took a “Red State Odyssey” for Vanity Fair. David Brooks took a tour all over exurbia for the Atlantic Monthly. We make a big deal about how the country is divided, and usually … Continue reading

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India’s nukes

Our train ride from Jodhpur became increasingly sandier the farther west we went toward Jaisalmer. Somewhere past Osiyan, the scrubby brush along the tracks ends, and the sand takes over completely. By the time we got to Pokaran (or Pokhran) … Continue reading

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We’re going country!

The worst thing that could happen to radio station managers in my former hometown in the middle of Wyoming was to wake up to the inevitable. For executives with abyssmal ratings, declining ad revenues, and a bored and unenthusiastic listenership, … Continue reading

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