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I love my new Mac

Macs are flakey. Macs are slow. Macs crash. Macs are toys. Macs are for (um) wimps. Blah blah blah . . . Not so, my friends. I’ve had a shiny new Mac laptop for just over twenty-four hours, and it’s … Continue reading

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Comments are offline

Until, I make it harder for the spammers, you won’t be able to post new comments. I know it breaks your heart. Mine too.

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Putting labels on my work

Ever since my contemporary art presentation, I’ve received a surprising amount of positive feedback and probing questions. And I feel better about showing my work, knowing that I have prepared my audience. All of which has had the effect of … Continue reading

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Where I grew up

A very good friend had this great idea to show maps of where we grew up. My mom is probably going to pitch a fit after I post this map of where I lived the first ten years of my … Continue reading

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Daljit Dhaliwal

So yesterday I was watching Charlie Rose on the TiVo. Sadly he’s still out recuperating from heart surgery. (Get well soon, Charlie!) The dozens of guest hosts have surprised me with their capacity to maintain engaging dialogue on a wide … Continue reading

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Robert Adams

I remember my first experience with Robert Adams’ photographs: I thought they were mistakes. The book — maybe it was What We Bought: The New World : Scenes from the Denver Metropolitan Area 1970-1974 or Perfect Times, Perfect Places — … Continue reading

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High Tension

Images from the High Tension series. Littleton, Mass. Holliston, Mass. Holliston, Mass. Tewksbury, Mass. Erving, Mass.

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Boston area exhibits

There are a number of photographic exhibits going on in Mass Bay and nearby that sound fantastic. I’m happy to say that I know some of the artists in these shows. (I shortened some titles during transcription.) 2006 Members’ Exhibition … Continue reading

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Perks of Infidelity

We stayed at a few Taj hotels last year in India, and they were all very nice. The one in Delhi is especially good. (Okay, so the website got a computer virus from their business centre, but the rooms were … Continue reading

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It’s hard not to be an Iowan

At my presentation last week, which went very well thankyouverymuch, I started with some images by Alec Soth. I really like Soth’s images, but when I look at his work I sense an ambiguous relationship between him and his subjects, … Continue reading

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My Current Top 3

It’s been a while since I put a travel post here. Voilà, my top- list of trips to inn Asia (in no particular order). 1. The Silk Route (from the Middle East through Central Asia to China) Whether you prefer … Continue reading

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Trouble from The Man

An interesting conversation at work today about rights, combined with three years of “Mission Accomplished” and an article or two about photographers who have been detained, reminded me of an incident I experienced in late March 2003. (Both articles via … Continue reading

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Workers of the world, Unite!

Well . . . undocumented workers of the U.S., unite! We didn’t notice anything different today here in the Great White North. The fact is, I don’t know the legal status of any of the immigrants who work around but … Continue reading

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