Daljit Dhaliwal

So yesterday I was watching Charlie Rose on the TiVo. Sadly he’s still out recuperating from heart surgery. (Get well soon, Charlie!) The dozens of guest hosts have surprised me with their capacity to maintain engaging dialogue on a wide range of subjects mostly with the same level of objectivity, professionalism, and enthusiasm as Mr. Rose. Which, of course, underscores his deep well of talent and empathy.

In the episode, Daljit Dhaliwal interviewed Michael Mandelbaum, the right-leaning apologist for American power and author of The Case For Goliath: How America Acts As The World’s Government in the Twenty-first Century. Another fine interview, although I kept getting distracted by Ms. Dhaliwal. I knew I had seen her before, but where? Oh, and she’s rather good looking.

Google confirmed my suspicions that she read for BBC World News and PBS’s late ITN news broadcast. Now she’s on CNN, which I never watch (but may have to consider). Apparently, she’s ascended to starlet status, too. There’s the The Unofficial Daljit Dhaliwal Appreciation Page complete with “Dhaliwallpaper,” an image download gallery.

But Fareed Zakaria, who has a good international current events show of his own, is still not sexy.

Can you imagine such a following for an American newscaster? “Where are you Connie Chung, you minx?” Um . . . no.

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  1. Marshall says:

    I remember Connie Chung being a guest one night on David Letterman’s show. The previous night, he teased her appearance with “and tomorrow night, Connie Chung will be out here to break walnuts with her bare hands”. And then he called her husband, Gary Trudeau, “cartoon boy”.

    The next night, Connie comes out and surprises Dave by pulling walnuts out of her pocket and, yes, breaking them apart with her bare hands, after which she tells Dave that “cartoon boy” was watching…

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