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I like Chicago. It’s always been one of my favorite cities. It’s no New York or San Francisco, but it is full of big city activities while remaining laid back and visitor friendly. A traveler can easily walk around the … Continue reading

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Getting to Central Standard Time

If I once again believed myself a poet, I could tell you the quotidien details of a trip across half the country from Boston to Chicago with mystery and subtlety. But prose will do for the turnpikes and throughways that … Continue reading

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Long Time Gone

Dear Readers, Please accept my sincere apologies for more-or-less disappearing from the blogosphere. It’s been hard for me to be absent, but I know that it’s been harder for you. You’re too kind. It’s hard to believe that on Friday … Continue reading

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नमस्ते part deux – New and improved

Just over a year after starting this little weblog, it’s time to upgrade the blogging software. If anything goes wrong, you probably won’t be able to read this. Update: Everything went swimmingly. You should not notice anthing new or different. … Continue reading

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My superhero power is time travel

So, my source for memes posted an interesting thought experiment. It’s surprisingly thought-provoking and hard to answer. You have a time machine. Where/when would you go under each of the following circumstances? For leisure or entertainment: I think the future … Continue reading

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Faulconer Gallery show

Two of my prints are part of the All-Alumni Art Show, which opened today at Grinnell’s Faulconer Gallery. Stop by and see it if you get the chance.

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