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East Hopkinton Cemetery

One of the perks of my travels around Massachusetts for the Commonwealth project is that it takes me past a lot of small burying grounds. I like these old cemeteries, especially the way they present cross-sections of place and styles … Continue reading

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Second call

If you haven’t already, let me know what you would like to see inside our house. I’ll be posting pictures sometime in the next week, and would like to have more than just two (2). It can be anything. Almost. … Continue reading

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Two exhibits . . . go soon!

Things finally settled down after our vacation, Independence Day, and The MathWorks’ annual summer outing to Mt. Washington, New Hampshire. (Sort of. I’m in Wisconsin right now. But more on that later.) So I finally got the chance to see … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. President, did you get that letter I sent?

Dear President Bush, I am 31, and I have a paperweight for a pancreas. Seven years ago, on the Wednesday after Labor Day, instead of getting on a plane to teach MATLAB to researchers at the NIH, I went to … Continue reading

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What do you want to see?

Steve mentioned that he had trouble posting a comment here — something about how nice it was to be honored along with the cat. It has been a little quiet here. Are those crickets I hear in the background? So … Continue reading

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Hazel Mae, Hazel Mae

Yeah, this tribute to NESN broadcaster Hazel Mae is creepy. But who doesn’t admire TV anchorpeople?

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I’m going to graduate school! Unless the Brandeis IT folks are playing a cruel trick on me, I take the e-mail below to be a pretty good indicator that an acceptance letter will soon arrive from the Rabb School’s Master … Continue reading

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Mumbai train bombings

First off, my deepest sympathies to everyone affected by today’s train bombings in Mumbai and my solidarity with all Indians. It’s a terrible event that no one deserves. But, dear Father-in-Law who is worried about our safety as we travel … Continue reading

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Worth reading this week

Articles from the print world . . . At Colleges, Women Are Leaving Men in the Dust (The New Gender Divide) A quarter-century after women became the majority on college campuses, men are trailing them in more than just enrollment. … Continue reading

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The Midwest in Video, teaser edition

Have you seen the brilliant new Mac commercials with the guy/Mac who talks about all of the fun things he can do right out of the box? Well, that’s me. I’m whittling down the one hour and forty minutes of … Continue reading

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The Midwest in Pictures, Part 2

See what we saw and read all about it.

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Carl Crawford just stole home against the Red Sox. The first time I’ve seen that. Score that a single through the gap. He stole second, advanced on a sacrifice, and stole home.

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A Tale of Two Highways

As I mentioned last week, we drove from Cincinnati to Milford to return home from our vacation. Why do I mention this again? Not for pity. (No, no. We’ve done many of these long, day-long drives over the last couple … Continue reading

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The Banks of the Ohio

In the waning days of our trip, we spent a fair bit of time along the banks of the Ohio River. Our first glimpse was along the bluffs outside Leavenworth, Indiana. That was on day one of a two-day impromptu … Continue reading

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