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Hancock and New Ashford Cemeteries

I seem to have gathered a small library of atlases for the Commonwealth project — five atlases that show all of the streets in Massachusetts circa 2004, plus some that aren’t passable anymore, and a larger scale topographic atlas. My … Continue reading

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Photo Envy

Mitch Epstein, Amos Coal Power Plant, 2004 I rarely wish that I had created a particular photograph, but I do envy Mitch Epstein for this picture, which is part of the ICP’s upcoming 2006 Triennial.

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Fire blog

Anyone who wants/needs to stay up-to-date on the Jackson Canyon fire in Casper can follow the Star-Tribune’s Blazeblog. That is all.

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Artist’s Statement — “High Tension”

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts more than six million residents occupy only 7838 square miles of land. Humans suffuse the landscape, creating a mosaic of housing, farmland, and natural space. I travel to see and photograph what our built environment … Continue reading

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The mountain just outside of town where my mother lives is on fire. Last night she said her hubby was out looking at the blaze (hopefully from a safe distance) which had left the town covered with ash Tuesday morning … Continue reading

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Soth on Soth

Joerg Colberg talks with Alec Soth.

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The American Landscape

I already mentioned an exhibit of contemporary photography, at the Wadsworth Atheneum. But it actually has three landscape art exhibits currently on display: American Splendor, a fine collection of Hudson River School paintings; Eloquent Vistas, a traveling show from the … Continue reading

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And they’re off: Bill Sullivan

During the Weimar Republic, August Sander created portraits of typical Germans near Cologne. In these images the subjects pose for the camera, conscious that it was there but more-or-less emotionally detached. Contemporary photographer Bill Sullivan channels Sander with a post-modern … Continue reading

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Shifting Terrain in Hartford

If you like landscape photography — especially the contemporary mode that redefines landscape away from grand scenic vistas, the sublime, and the picturesque and towards a more inclusive depiction of the human-altered environment that finds visual interest in mundane or … Continue reading

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The Historical Record

A bit more than five years ago I started earnestly keeping a journal of occurrences in my household, events at the office, and thoughts in my head. Now, despite having this public forum online, I still record most things in … Continue reading

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Random photographs noted

Nikki S. Lee‘s new series Parts is part Cindy Sherman, part Nan Goldin. (via Modern Art Obsession) What Susan Sontag did for photography a review of Susan Sontag and the retrospective of On Photography at the Met. (From the New … Continue reading

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A good friend and blogher has tagged me to muse about books. Though I’m sure she didn’t mean it, I’m now feeling vastly inferior. She reads . . . a lot . . . important books and smart books like … Continue reading

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