Random photographs noted

Nikki S. Lee‘s new series Parts is part Cindy Sherman, part Nan Goldin. (via Modern Art Obsession)

What Susan Sontag did for photography a review of Susan Sontag and the retrospective of On Photography at the Met. (From the New Republic via Gallery Hopper)

Mud Mosques of Mali

I saw some of Michael Wolf’s large format, minimalist, large-scale photographs of Hong Kong Architecture at a gallery in San Francisco. So impressive.

Photographs of tourism infrastructure

Lens Culture website and web blog.

Rocky Schenck. . . interesting black-and-white photographs

Apple has a glossy new webvertisement featuring Magnum photographers and what they can do with Apple products. To paraphrase Lance Armstrong, “it’s not about the computer.” But the pictures are very nice.

Also Magnum in Motion and video podcast.

Lovisa Ringborg has nifty digital manipulations. So maybe the computer matters after all . . . (via Conscientious)

What happens when you superimpose all of the Bechers’ photographs from one series? Idris Kahn shows us. (via BLDGBLOG)

Coal Hollow and other features on The Photography Channel (via echadwick.net)

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