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Visitors to my house today included: Spiderman A pixie of some sort A dalmation child — so cute Snow White Thomas the Tank Engine Red Power Ranger Army guy (with grenade) Butterfly Spongebob Cheerleader / sorority girl? Bumblebee dog Pablo, … Continue reading

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Narcissistically yours

As seen at The Clutter Museum. Explain what ended your last relationship? I don’t really have time to get into it now, but I took a trip to the U.P. in my 1963 Dodge Dart to visit my *ahem* “girlfriend” … Continue reading

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Photographs as evidence of change

A few reflections after reading Joel Meyerowitz discuss his early days . . . One of the things that I love about photographing is that my images reflect what interests me as an artist and who I am as a … Continue reading

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Deepti-ji beat me to it. This NPR story had me giggling as I merged onto the Mass Pike. Funniest thing I’d heard on the radio since . . . well . . . forever.

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Worth a look (and a read)

Shouldn’t I be at my little club? Oh, that’s right. Here’s some other photography thinking. Chinese Photography ( The Value of Space: A Theoretical Sketch for Photographic Art in the Late-Twentieth Century (LensCulture) — “Giotto and other artists and theorists … Continue reading

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Comment dit-on “hax0r?”

Maybe I’m just a little slow, but it never occured to me that French speakers might have Internet contractions. (Les enfants these days!) ROTFL if you must. Here’s an example from a newsgroup that I troll follow: salut je travaile … Continue reading

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Software Defect Tracking (part 2)

Yesterday, I wrote about systems for defect tracking. Since one of the main purposes of a tracking system is to enable a high quality process for getting bugs fixed, what does that process look like? As part of an in-class, … Continue reading

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Software defect tracking

I gave my second presentation tonight in my Software Testing Techniques course. Two weeks ago, I discussed software defects with a synopsis of the Coding Horror article Making Developers Cry Since 1995. दीप्ती-जी, my QE, hasn’t made me cry — … Continue reading

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Software testing weblog

Yesterday I mentioned Perl. Today my other course gets a shout out. Here are some software testing weblogs: The Braidy Tester Bug Free Zone Testing Hotlist Update — What kind of name is that? Cem Kaner James Bach’s Blog Oh, … Continue reading

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“नमस्ते , world!” Programming goes multilingual.

I turned in my Perl Programming midterm assignment late last night. It’s hard to believe that the semester is half over after only four weeks . . . thought I’m not complaining. I enjoy the class, though I’m still undecided about Perl … Continue reading

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Okay, everybody. I’ll be writing soonish about symbols, visual history, and artistic intention; but I wanted to give you all a chance to ruminate on this 2003 photograph, “Awakening,” by Chitra Ganesh. What does it mean to you?

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Present at the Destruction

Fifteen years ago I helped destroy the world. In the summer of 1991 I hitched a ride with a group from the University of Wyoming’s high school program on their way to F.E. Warren Air Force Base. Some friends of … Continue reading

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Colorful anniversaries in 2006

At the previous camera club meeting I told a few people about a couple of color-related milestones that celebrate anniversaries this year. Perhaps it’s hard to get excited about color science, but I will try again. Happy Birthday, CIE Standard … Continue reading

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Alas, not a no-hitter

My last cryptic post left a few wondering. But baseball superstitions have few equals. I kept getting distracted from my course readings as the Tiger’s Bonderman retired the first six batters then the first twelve, and then got the next … Continue reading

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The game

Yes, I’m doing my homework. And, yes, I’m watching the Yankees-Tigers game. And, yes, it’s very exciting. And, no, I can’t talk about it now. More — hopefully much more — later.

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