Alas, not a no-hitter

My last cryptic post left a few wondering. But baseball superstitions have few equals.

I kept getting distracted from my course readings as the Tiger’s Bonderman retired the first six batters then the first twelve, and then got the next three out. Yes, Bonderman was perfect through five innings, before giving up an extra-base hit in the sixth.

But superstition requires that no one talk about a no-hitter while it’s happening. So you can ask things like, “Have the Yankees had any baserunners yet?” But that’s just so that you can make sure that you’re actually seeing what you think you are. I vaguely remember the Fox sportscaster mentioning somebody else’s no-hitter at the end of the fifth inning. (Broadcasters are always doing foolish things like that.)

Alas, once again, no perfect game.

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