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Colonial views of India too “Europeanized?”

I think we’re familiar with the notion that making former colonies “exotic” and “alluring” satisfies how many people want to see “foreign” places like India these days, when places are packaged as unique travel destinations and people are decorations for … Continue reading

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Professional Software Development

Going through some old e-mail at work, I found this review of Steve McConnell’s book Professional Software Development: Shorter Schedules, Higher Quality Products, More Successful Projects, Enhanced Careers that I wrote for my group a couple years ago. It changed … Continue reading

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Images of India

In conjunction with my recent post on Afro-pessimism, I’ve been thinking about Images I see of other places that attempt to show it to outsiders. By looking critically at my own Commonwealth, do I get some license to look similarly … Continue reading

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I am enjoying reading (slowly) Okwui Enwezor’s short introductory essays in Snap Judgments: Contemporary African Photography. The first of three essays concerns “Afro-pessimism,” the constructed view of Africa through pictures (mostly) as grim, on the precipice of disaster, deficient, retrograde … Continue reading

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If you don’t do code reviews . . .

. . . the terrorists win. Yes, the Department of Homeland Security has a website about high-security programming. Part of it involves judicious use of duct-tape to keep viruses out. Seriously though, it’s a good idea to do code reviews. … Continue reading

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