Worth a look (and a read)

Shouldn’t I be at my little club? Oh, that’s right. Here’s some other photography thinking.

Chinese Photography (about.com)

The Value of Space: A Theoretical Sketch for Photographic Art in the Late-Twentieth Century (LensCulture) — “Giotto and other artists and theorists of the early Renaissance altered the course of art with their fundamental conceptions of space related to optics and the camera obscura. Centuries later it was photographers who revolutionized the way we perceive space.”

Going The Long (or Wrong) Way to Brooklyn – Annie Leibovitz (Modern Art Obsession) — All right, I’ve never really gotten into Leibovitz’s work. It’s all so self-similar and hagiographic. The NYT calls it “high-brow, static form of reality television.” Of course, it’s not bad, and MAO gives a nice round-up of the celebrated celebrity photographer and “friend” of house fave Susan Sontag.

Joel Meyerowitz gives a really good lecture. (A year ago I saw him at the MFA and sat looking at Watson and the Shark thinking about what I wanted to do with my work.) He’s engaging, honest, and generates really great images. Oh, and he did a bunch of WTC imagery, not at all like the sublime, quiet Cape Cod photographs. (1 and 2 and 3 and 4)

Ladies and gentlemen . . .

And guess where I’m going over Christmas. Getting warm. Getting warmer. That’s right! The city of fish.

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