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A shiny black box of secrecy

I’ve been threatening to take Lisa to the National Cryptologic Museum for many years now. But I always got the impression that dragging her to America’s foremost museum dedicated to applied mathematics and signals intelligence might not be what she … Continue reading

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One down . . .

I submitted my final exam for my Perl class earlier today. I still have a lot to do for my software testing course, but it felt great to finish one class today. Oddly, I have another lecture to attend. Next: … Continue reading

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Oh, Casper, my Casper

Lisa and I are spending Thanksgiving in Casper with my mom and her husband of five years. It’s nice being back in the city of about 50,000 people where I went to high school and spent some summers and vacations … Continue reading

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Annu Palakunnathu Matthew

I haven’t forgotten about my promise to explore contemporary Indian photographers and show what I learn here. Classes are almost over for the semester, and I will be getting back to it. I hope this will tide you over for … Continue reading

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Terry Falke’s “Occupied Wilderness”

I don’t know much about Terry Falke, but he has a new/first book, Observations in an Occupied Wilderness. It’s a contemporary examination of the man-altered landscape.

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Montague / Turner’s Falls

A few weekends ago I visited Leyden and Montague, way up on the Vermont border in West-Central Mass. Turner’s Falls (in Montague) seems an unlikely place for a photography school and an even more unlikely place for an aspiring photography … Continue reading

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Small Updates

I was a bit feverish yesterday and today, so I wasn’t able to enjoy the fine weather and continue my Commonwealth project. Instead, I took a look through my files in preparation for the West Newton Cinema show this coming … Continue reading

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Green Hollow Cemetery, Oakham

Cemeteries not only show who lived and died in a place at a given time. They also show what those people thought about their futures. The Green Hollow Cemetery in very rural Oakham has forty-two graves, although there is space … Continue reading

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Center Cemetery, Holden

The center of Holden, Mass., contains several choice cemeteries. The small Center Cemetery contains the graves of many widows and officers who served in the “War of 1776.” It’s here that I saw the first revolutionary name: Washington. The gravestones … Continue reading

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Political Notes

(1) “Now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of their country.” Be sure to vote tomorrow. (2) I might actually cast a vote for a winning candidate for major elective office tomorrow … Continue reading

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How a digital camera works

I began this technical article a week ago to synthesize different things I know about the digital camera pipeline and digital image formation. Photographers may be interested in learning what happens after they trip the shutter and before they import … Continue reading

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