Green Hollow Cemetery, Oakham

Cemeteries not only show who lived and died in a place at a given time. They also show what those people thought about their futures. The Green Hollow Cemetery in very rural Oakham has forty-two graves, although there is space for at least five times as many, easily. But times change, as has where we live and bury our dead.

I won’t list all of the names, mostly Crawfords by birth or marriage. Also Goodales, Fullers, Hubbards, and Fobeses. As I walked around the cemetery, roosters a couple houses over called, and children played in an adjacent yard while their father raked crunching leaves.

  • Lucena Crawford (♂ – 1828-1904)
  • Hubert A. Fuller (♂ – 1865-1868)
  • Lavandar S. Clifford, Apprentice Seaman (†1920)

Update — 30 October 2009: Many thanks to Edie (Crawford) Mathis for correcting my misspelling — it’s “Fobes” not “Forbes” — and for telling me about “a fundraising effort under the auspices of the Oakham Historical Association for the restoration of the Green Hollow arch and improvements to other parts of the cemetery property.” Clearly, there’s some life still surrounding the Green Hollow Cemetery.

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