Political Notes

(1) “Now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of their country.” Be sure to vote tomorrow.

(2) I might actually cast a vote for a winning candidate for major elective office tomorrow — not counting Democrats who run unopposed in the Bay State. If it happens, it would be a first time for me.

  • 1980 President: Jimmy Carter (Dem) — What can I say? I was in kindergarten.
  • 1992 President: GHW Bush (Rep)
  • 1994 Wyoming Governor: Kathy Karpan (Dem)
  • 1994 Wyoming Senate: Mike Sullivan (Dem)
  • 1996 President: Bob Dole (Rep)
  • 1996 Wyoming Senator: Kathy Karpan (Dem)
  • 1996 Wyoming Congress: Pete Maxfield (Dem)
  • 1998 Mass Governor: Scott Harshbarger (Dem)
  • 2000 Democratic primary: Bill Bradley
  • 2000 President: Al Gore (Dem)
  • 2002 Mass Governor: Jill Stein (Green)
  • 2004 Democratic primary: John Edwards
  • 2004 President: John Kerry (Dem)

UPDATE: The curse is over. Deval Patrick won!

(3) I told Lisa that I will no longer vote for John Kerry, as he’s a menace. But, it’s unlikely that I’ll vote Republican any time soon, given who they put into positions of authority and how badly they’ve treated the country recently. So . . . I also floated the idea that if no decides to oppose Kerry in 2008 I will run against him. I’m still fleshing out my platform, but I think “Shut your cake hole, Kerry” would look good on a campaign sign. Please someone, step up and ensure that I don’t have to run.

UPDATE: To clarify, I’m talking about Kerry’s seat in the senate, not his presidential aspirations. (a) As Barack Obama said, “I don’t plan on running for president.” (b) I’m not old enough to be president, yet.

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