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I was a bit feverish yesterday and today, so I wasn’t able to enjoy the fine weather and continue my Commonwealth project. Instead, I took a look through my files in preparation for the West Newton Cinema show this coming Winter. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that over the last three years I’ve photographed in roughly sixty communities, or roughly a sixth of Massachusetts. Not all of my excursions to these towns have resulted in images that meet my expectations or are coherent with my emerging vision for the project. So, I’ll have to revisit places like Dover, Harvard, and Sudbury; although I like the images very much.

Still, I’m rather pleased with my progress. At last, I have enough images that the project is beginning to feel coherent when I look at 10-20 images, as well as containing several images that are interesting on their own. I’m gradually feeling more hopeful that this wonderful (but long-term) project may prove a success. A few weeks back I talked to an archivist at a local museum, and there’s some enthusiasm.

Now I just need to start working a bit harder, so that I can finish in less than twenty years.

In order to keep you up-to-date in the meantime, I have installed some new photo management and publishing software on my website. It’s rather snazzy but takes some configuring to fit snuggly. So keep watching.

Also, as an international playboy, my interests flit around quite a bit. First a dalliance with this, then a flirtation with that, all bound together by travel and brooding introspection. (The ladies seem to like the brooding badboy.) But if your interests don’t align quite with mine, you may find some of this a bit tedious. So I’m helping you be more selective with more narrow RSS feeds:

Happy reading!

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