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Indian Fine Art Photographers

For someone living in the Google age, it’s slow business finding information about Indian phtographers. Thanks to the small number of people who pointed me to a few photographers of note, I got a modest start. But very modest. (Mostly … Continue reading

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Ruth Bernhard (1905-2006)

To say that Ruth Bernhard spent a life in photography would sell short the span of her life and the impact of her work. It’s fairer to say that she spent two or three lives in photography. NY Times obituary … Continue reading

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Expanded Blogroll

If you read these entries via RSS newsfeeds, you might not have noticed a couple of new features. In particular, there are many more links to other photography weblogs. So, come inside and see what’s new.

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The MathWorks Mathemagic Mathstravaganza Mathpetition

As seen in the Brown Daily Herald. But seriously . . . There was no trip to Vegas for the winner of the latest MATLAB Programming Contest. Just lots of “cool” prizes and the adoration of engineers everywhere.

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“What did I miss?” (part 1)

I’m a voracious link clicker . . . and pack rat. (I click and I click and sometimes I even read.) Here’s the first in a series highlighting what I would have clicked over the last couple of months (and … Continue reading

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My Testing Penance

Earlier this summer I sent an unintentionally impolitic e-mail to a rather large distribution list, of course. In it I criticized a proposed software test plan and unfortunately went on to insult someone connected to the project. It appears that … Continue reading

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Leonard Freed (1929-2006)

One of my favorite documentary images from the 1970′s is Leonard Freed’s photograph of a police officer playing a game with kids in New York. (From Garrison Art Center.) More images…

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Software testing redux

I’m almost free. . . . The final testing project for my software testing techniques course is all that I have left. I can’t wait to finish it. I will soon be able to read the paper, read a book, … Continue reading

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Lisa the Innumerate called a few minutes ago to ask about affine transformations, so I figure there must be some general interest among my readers for more math. (For the uninitiated an affine transformation in 2D is essentially a particular … Continue reading

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The NSA Museum in Pictures

A secret trip to Maryland. Shh… They served, but they served in silence. Send Books Thinking Machine Welcome to the Terabytes Dimes from heaven Bad Guys that look like us Always wear sensible shoes for signals work Black helicopters airplanes … Continue reading

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