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Dayanita Singh

Many thanks to Sonia Faleiro for highlighting the work of Dayanita Singh, who appears to be one of the most prolific contemporary Indian fine-art photographers. Singh is perhaps best known for her portraits of India’s urban middle and upper class … Continue reading

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Semester #2: Continuation of an International Theme

A new semester began last Tuesday with my XML and Related Languages course. Because of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the first Monday of the semester is after the first Tuesday, and tomorrow Software Development Methodologies will meet for the … Continue reading

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Dude, you’re getting a Mac

Over the last couple of months, four of my coworkers became first-time Mac owners. It’s as if one day everyone drank the Kool-Aid and knew they needed a Mac. For me, it happened a little like this. About a year … Continue reading

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People in Photographs

In case you’ve missed it, there’s a rather interesting debate happening about people in contemporary fine art landscape photography that started on Alec Soth’s blog and carried on in the comments and then really got going when Robert Polidori defensively … Continue reading

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Software Development as Ye Olde Craft Economy

My group at work has just started reading Implementing Lean Software Development by Mary and Tom Poppendieck. As with any other reading group, the communal experience encourages us to read something that we might not pick up on our own. … Continue reading

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Color management mailing list

Color management is hard business. I think of myself as fairly savvy in this area, but it took me a long time to get the basics down. (I recommend Tim Grey’s Color Confidence and Fraser, et al‘s Real World Color … Continue reading

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