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Jeff Wall in the Times

That Jeff Wall. He’s so hot right now. Few photographers get two articles in the Times in as many days. On Saturday, the obligatory biographical sketch and introduction to the MOMA exhibit. Yesterday’s Times Magazine cover story is long, and … Continue reading

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Reverse-Engineering the Human Visual System

On Monday — just before staffing The MathWorks’ booth — I attended Maria Petrou’s plenary session: “Reverse-Engineering the Human Visual System.” I found it rather interesting, though it tried to cover too much ground for one hour.* Nevertheless, it was … Continue reading

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Color by Numbers

At the recent medical imaging symposium I bought myself a copy of Daniel Malacara’s Color Vision and Colorimetry: Theory and Applications from the SPIE Press. I managed to read the short monograph on the five hours of flights from sunny, … Continue reading

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California Love

Mobile phone photographs from my recent trip to Saint Doug. Back on the ranch, things were getting testy . . . . . . better go to California. Near the hotel, a very fashionable mall. Inside the hotel, smokers. Salvation … Continue reading

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Salton Sea and Sand Dunes

I know that some of you had expressed concern about my (now recently completed) trip to the San Diego outback. But the good news is that coworker Alex and I returned unscathed and sand-free from today’s excursion to the Salton … Continue reading

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Sze Tsung Leong

I’m fascinated by the images of New York-based photographer Sze Tsung Leong. Most photographs from his History Images series concern development, change, and decay (forced or otherwise). The arty Guernica magazine recently published an interview with him. (via BLDGBLOG) (That … Continue reading

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Photo Echo

With apologies to Aperture for the title. David Segal in Slate asks “Can Photographers Be Plagiarists?” and then provides a slideshow with some famous (and infamous) “borrowing” from the last hundred years. (Thanks to Conscientious for reading Slate so I … Continue reading

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Goin’ Back to Cali

It’s been forever since I posted some of my own photography here. I took a quick look to see if I had anything new handy, but with classes I really haven’t had any time to scan anything much less make … Continue reading

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On Life-long Learning

Some who have read my recent rambling thoughts after my software methodologies class may have the impression that I don’t like it. I can see that. And while it’s true that I would be very happy to be less bored, … Continue reading

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Security basics

A while back Joel Spolsky wrote an article with the basics of Unicode and internationalizing software applications. For many software developers, this was probably the first widely read introduction to a topic that we need to integrate into our design … Continue reading

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New England and Slavery

Here in the Great White North we’re slowly coming to terms with the fact that slavery in America was a pervasive phenomenon. In the wake of industrialization — largely built on the labor of unmarried women from the countryside and … Continue reading

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Class-time purgatory

There are two things you should know about me: I am not a good person, and I hate being bored or having my time wasted. Those two things combined pretty much say everything you might need to know about me, … Continue reading

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Martin Amis . . . bad

Dear Martin Amis: As a “modern, Western, relativistic, multicultural, poltically correct . . . whatever” person I say this, “You are not a good person, and you aren’t getting a Christmas / Hannukah / Eid / Kwanza / Holiday card … Continue reading

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