California Love

Mobile phone photographs from my recent trip to Saint Doug.

Back on the ranch, things were getting testy . . . . . . better go to California.
Near the hotel, a very fashionable mall. Inside the hotel, smokers.
Salvation Mountain (near Niland, CA) Our best view of the Salton Sea
Sunday AM: Homework by the pool Sunday PM: Hang out at Pacific Beach (with Alex Taylor and the plebians)
At the more tony Coronado Beach, some like it hot. Near the hotel, the world’s largest engagement ring store.
Our rental car Our booth at the SPIE Medical Imaging Symposium
Our neighbors from Kyoto Kagaku Their whole body phantoms love MATLAB Rubik’s cubes.
After 4:00 it’s time for the beach. Lisa was starting to get jealous . . .
. . . but sometimes it rains in San Diego. The last evening I visited my friend Patti.
Waiting three hours for my flight at New York’s JFK Charles Fiske Bingley, Esq., is glad I am home.
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