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Act Now: Taryn Simon

Quick! Go see Charlie Rose interview photographer Taryn Simon. It’s free for just a bit longer. (Or you can “buy” it for less than one American dollar.) She talks about her new project/book, An American Index of the Hidden and … Continue reading

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MFA to get dedicated photography gallery

I was very happy to learn from the State of the Art blog that Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts will have it’s first gallery dedicated to photography. Until now it’s been in the low-rent district with the “Works on Paper.” … Continue reading

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Five Questions from a friend

My long-time friend and the most academically accomplished person that I know — who wishes to remain nominally pseudonymous but whose quirky pseudonym I just can’t bring myself to use — sent me the following interview questions. 1. What’s it … Continue reading

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Inventor of FORTRAN and BNF dies

John Backus, the Turing Award-winning inventor of FORTRAN — arguably the world’s first high-level programming language — has died at age 82. A lot of programs of a certain age started their careers with Fortran. I am just a young’un … Continue reading

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Summa Contra Libraries, or The Book on the Truth of Software Design Methodologies against the Errors of the Infidels.

Sorry to be so absent recently. I have been engaged in a Talmudic examination of a fictious library system for my Software Development Methodologies class. I mentioned before that preparing for SDM class was a bit like studying Thomas Aquinas’s … Continue reading

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Ask Dr. Color’s Assistant

It’s a crazy time here at The Metrowest Homeopathic Imaging and File Rehabilitation Center — the little office that Doctors Color, Compression, and FFT share with me, Doctor Format. Doctor Compression is happy to have most of the litigation behind … Continue reading

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Fifteen is an eternity in photography years

Richard Misrach – Stranded Rowboat, Salton Sea (1983) No time to write seriously about anything. No time even for complete sentences. . . . But I thought y’all might be vaguely interested in a short note about the here-today-gone-tomorrow nature … Continue reading

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Thus Spoke PJ: A Comic for All and None

I hate The Family Circus (antithesis) but I love the works of Nietzsche (thesis). Oh what a tasty synthesis is the Nietzsche Family Circus random image generator! (From The Online Photographer.)

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Black and White v. Color Photography

The hyperbolic, carefully controlled, museum- and gallery-specific versions of photography, in which every prop and gesture can be attributed to the artist’s direction, have been the most pronounced arrivals in the art world. If you are, like me, schooled in … Continue reading

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Contemporary Ghost Towns

A couple images from my recent trip to California. Salvation Mountain (2007) Alex at Salvation Mountain (2007) – after Rineke Dijkstra Bombay Beach, California (2007) North Shore, California (2007)

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Ansel Adams, Capitalist Running Dog

It may be enough to know that, in theory-drunk circles of the period [the late 70s and early 80s], any sort of aesthetic appeal could be regarded as a stratagem of “late capitalist” ideology or some other wrinkle of malign … Continue reading

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