Summa Contra Libraries, or The Book on the Truth of Software Design Methodologies against the Errors of the Infidels.

Sorry to be so absent recently. I have been engaged in a Talmudic examination of a fictious library system for my Software Development Methodologies class. I mentioned before that preparing for SDM class was a bit like studying Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologica, which above all distinguishes between this and that and categorizes knowledge and argument according to some very formulaic rules.

The first part of my term project involved taking a high level look at the proposed system, identifying some key systems, and creating diagrams that showed some business processes. This most recent part — that I just submitted — refined these details via use case analysis in order to come up with a set of about 90 requirements that cover the gamut from run-of-the-mill functional requirements (operation F does A, B, and C) to emergent business rules and security concerns. The coup de grâce being the following use case diagram.

The next and last phase has me designing the architecture and functions of this mythical system.

I promise to have something more interesting and less geeky to share soon. . . . And good news: no courses for me this summer. Hello, camera!

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