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Ask Dr. Color’s Assistant – Colorspaces

Dr. Color’s assistant here. Here’s a recent question from the good doctor’s answering service that will be of interest to photographers. Hi, Dr. Color? What colorspace should I use with my new digital camera? What is a colorspace anyway? A … Continue reading

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Gyro ball?

News flash! Fox 25 News broadcaster Maria Stephanos reports that the Red Sox’s newest pitcher, Daisuke (Dice-K) Matsuzaka is actually Dino Matsusakis from Sommerville. Red Sox GM Theo Epstein (D-Newton) and pitcher Curt Schilling (R-Westwood) discovered the young phenom at … Continue reading

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Four in a Row

I have goals in life — many of them involve watching baseball. In particular, I want to see (1) a perfect game and (2) an unassisted triple play. I almost saw Mussina retire 27 batters in a row on TV, … Continue reading

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A Drive-Time Haiku

With optimism, Vivid flashes of new green. The willow has leaves.

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Camera Indica

Another trip, another delayed flight. It did give me several extra hours to read the first half of Camera Indica: The Social Life of Indian Photographs. It’s an interesting book, this socio-historical examination of the imperial and indigenous uses of … Continue reading

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Marathon Day

The photograph above pretty much sums up this year’s marathon. Still, Patriots’ Day was the best holiday of the year . . . as always.

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All Work and No Play Makes Jeff a Dull Boy…

What can I say? This incredibly long semester — ten weeks of class spanning fourteen weeks — draws to a close. Wednesday I submitted my 51-page software requirements specification for a product that will never be built. (If you were … Continue reading

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Running Silent

Dear readers, Please forgive the recent lack of posts. I have a lot going on right now, but nothing is complete enough to warrant its own dispatch: I’m dying to finish a large project at work and recap the experience … Continue reading

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