All Work and No Play Makes Jeff a Dull Boy…

What can I say? This incredibly long semester — ten weeks of class spanning fourteen weeks — draws to a close. Wednesday I submitted my 51-page software requirements specification for a product that will never be built. (If you were to specify the actual system in this fashion, it would easily be around 300 to 400 pages. Professors too lazy to come up with new term project ideas for each semester Academic honesty keeps me from posting it here for the curious.) Tonight I finished designing an XML schema for an image cataloguing system: iPhoto or ACDSee for example. I don’t expect any problems coming up with a couple of XSL stylesheets to transform the documents into HTML and PDF. . . blah, blah, blah.

Alors et enfin, mes amis, je vis pour le mardi prochain. J’ai mon projet de la photographie des Indes. Je vais lire The Making of the Atomic Bomb de Richard Rhodes. Il y a aussi la nouvelle magazine Blind Spot, que j’ai réçu cette semaine. (Ça mérite un billet unique.) Peut-être demain ou lundi aprés le Marathon. C’est le meilleur temps de l’année…

And then there’s the matter of photography, which I’ve been thinking about all spring — such as we’ve been having here in chilly New England. Anyone have advice on buying a good 4×5″ large-format camera? If continuing to use film makes me a niche photographer, I might as well go for the gold, right?

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