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Why We Fight

Here in New England we have a lot of veterans, just like everywhere else. And as elsewhere, the graves are marked with flags on Memorial Day. This year a group has once again attached flags and the names of soldiers … Continue reading

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Stony Brook Road Cemetery, Great Barrington

Today I had my first unexpected brush with post-mortem fame since Lisa, Sarah Danberg, and I found Medgar Evers grave in Arlington Cemetery back in 1999. There at the back of the small unnamed cemetery on Stony Brook Road in … Continue reading

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Must every discussion of suburbia be inherently political?

I went out photographing in the Commonwealth today for the first time since starting my master’s program. While I would have preferred the opportunity to go out and work on my projects over the last nine months, the absence gave … Continue reading

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Milwaukee, Not so bad after all

Friends, I think I’ve made my peace with Milwaukee. Our problems started fourteen years ago, really got going seven years back and moderated a bit since then. Today, I can say that I like Milwaukee. You see, in my first … Continue reading

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Old Indian Cemetery, Holliston

I went back to Holliston again, lured by the name on the map: “Indian Cemetery.” No Native Americans or Indians from the 19th century as far as I can tell. I can’t say for certain, but I think this cemetery … Continue reading

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