Digital Imaging Workflow

“Is it true that if you don’t use it, you can lose it?” — Steve Carell, “The 40 Year Old Virgin”

Sometimes . . . at least temporarily. Or so I discovered when my inkjet prints looked terrible. Colors were muddy or just plain wrong: yellow got into my blues, green got into my reds, green was the wrong green, etc. I had forgotten my not-so-secret sauce for printing from Adobe Photoshop.

Fortunately, I had written it all down a few years ago and could go back to the digital workflow that has worked so well for me. (Addendum: Make backups.)

Crisis averted. Confidence restored.

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3 Responses to Digital Imaging Workflow

  1. EmperorFrost says:

    This is a great document! my ad hoc workflow is going to get a good streamline from your ideas. Thanks for this!

  2. Lynn Cherny says:

    Hi Jeff, I read with some trepidation, but you didn’t let me down, as usual :-)
    One small note you and your readers might find interesting. Your pdf is out of date wrt the CS2 changes in Photoshop’s print dialog. I had to use my own design improvements to diagnose my own printing problem a year or so ago. Here’s my post on it:

    Eventually maybe I’ll see all the great Matlab stuff you guys did for color — I’ll see some of it in Photoshop, of course!

    –Best, Lynn

  3. Jeff Mather says:

    You’re absolutely right, Lynn. The print dialog in Photoshop CS2 is much better. Yes, I’m one of those bad people who waits forever to upgrade software.

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