Mount Vernon, Virginia

Lisa, her parents, and I went to DC earlier in the week, and we visited Mount Vernon while there. In addition to the restored planter’s paradise, there was the family burial plot. George Washington, Martha, assorted progenitors, and descendants all shared a rather large brick sarcophagus.

Nearby was a different sort of burying ground. Several dozen of the Washington family’s slave were buried in unmarked graves in a wooded spot on the edge of the current property. An oldish marker (whose text is printed here) was augmented with another more up-to-date marker (ca. 1985) and an interpretive sign (updated later). Throughout Mount Vernon, slavery is clearly an issue the “Ladies of Mount Vernon” have trouble addressing.

In memory of the many faithful colored servants of the Washington family buried at Mount Vernon from 1760 to 1860

Their unidentified graves surround this spot


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