Tourists and snapshots in DC

On Tourists: I’m a tourist, and I’m proud of it. If there’s no way you can blend in, why fight it?

On Snapshots: The snapshot has a bad rap. These pictures are who we are. If we’re lucky, they look good. If we’re even luckier, we look good in them. If we’re really, really lucky, we’re Wolfgang Tillmans, and people think that our snapshots are good enough for the museum. (Curators clearly see something that I don’t.)

So when we were in DC last week, I made some pictures of other tourists, many making their own snapshots. I will post our favorite snapshots soon.

National Gallery of Art

National Air and Space Museum

Mount Vernon, Virginia

Udvar-Hazy Centre, National Air and Space Museum

Polaris Missile, NASM

Presidential Classroom meets the purple shirts

The White House

World War II Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Vietnam War Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

The Tarangini, Boston
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