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Retinas are different but see the same thing

Here’s your color and vision article for the week from Dr. Color’s assistant (via the good people over at The first images ever made of retinas in living people reveal surprising variation from one person to the next. Yet … Continue reading

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Something old, Something new, Something a little less blue

Eleven days after my webhost (DigitalSpace.Net) “upgraded” their servers and broke my website quite brutally, I once again have the ability to edit these pages. It only took seven phone calls and e-mails to their tech support to get a … Continue reading

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Ask Dr. Color’s Assistant: Saturation

Dear Dr. Color: For the last few decades photographers have been infatuated with saturation. I suspect that if prints were compared with the original views that they would be more saturated than reality. It certainly does ‘punch up’ the picture … Continue reading

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Ask Dr. Color’s Assistant: Determining Monitor Luminance

Dear Dr. Color: I wish to measure the brightness of my LCD monitor so that I can set it to the recommended brightness for photo editing work. How can I convert the measurements from a hand held exposure meter to … Continue reading

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Kaun Banega Crorepati? Or “Why you need $87,000,000 to be rich”

The name of this post — “Kaun Banega Crorepati?” — is the title of the Hindi version of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” A crorepati is someone with 10 million rupees, or about $250,000 US. One crore is 10 … Continue reading

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Two Cemeteries in Dighton

Today I finally got out and photographed a bit. How do I pick where to go? Usually I look somewhere west of me (about 1/2 of the Commonwealth) because I’m on a suburban/rural swing right now. I’ve been thinking, though, … Continue reading

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Photobook Club

I’m just throwing this proposal out there and hoping someone has an idea or two of how to achieve my goal. So please reply. I like photobooks. Monographs, surveys, collections, criticism . . . it doesn’t matter. I like reading … Continue reading

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