Finally a No-hitter

Clay Buchholz pitched a no-hitter tonight. It wasn’t perfect — he hit a batter and walked a few — but it was just his second major league baseball game. Ever. What a great game!

The game had so much drama and was wonderful to watch. Even Lisa was cheering for the kid, despite the Sox and Yankees being caught in a tight duel for the AL East lead and the playoffs.

And the Cubs are leading the NL Central, too! I’m hoping for a great post-season.

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One Response to Finally a No-hitter

  1. Steve Eddins says:

    I happened across the game on TV just as the top of the 6th was ending, and I just caught the announcer’s phrase “something special is happening here.” It was kind of comical how many ways the announcers found to talk about the situation without ever using the phrase “no-hitter.”

    The ump sure did take his sweet time making the final strike call on that curve ball.

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