A type of addiction

As seen in the comments of Coding Horror’s article Typography: Where Engineers and Designers Meet:

Typefaces are the gateway drug of typography. It starts with fonts, then you’ll be hand kerning and eventually you’ll be up all night with grids and vertical rhythm and column width. Be careful, kids.

Don’t I know it! One day you’re saying “I’ll never use Arial” and changing the font in your annual review to something with more appeal than Times New Roman. Then you’re downloading Linotype’s FontExplorer™ X and reading Wikipedia articles about Apple Advanced Typography. A bit later you’re learning about how to create an input method editor for Mac OS X and writing about typography weblogs. After a while, you’re standing in the middle of the mall pointing out all of the Helvetica inspired typefaces to your spouse. . . .

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  1. Chris says:

    My name is Chris and I’m a type-oholic.

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