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Snapshot #1: San Jose Museum of Art

This dispatch innaugurates an occasional series of cross-sections through contemporary photography, which is far too broad to tackle as a whole — though I tried a couple years ago for a presentation. Because I’m lazy busy and inherently unfocused, I’m … Continue reading

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Come join us…

If you want to change careers or know someone who’s looking for a job, consider working for The MathWorks. We’ve grown almost continually over the ten years that I’ve been working there, and it looks like this trend continues. Wednesday, … Continue reading

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The clip show episode #2

There’s a whole lot of good stuff out there on the Internet. Here’s just a bit that I discovered recently: The Nerd Handbook — “A nerd needs a project because a nerd builds stuff. All the time. Those lulls in … Continue reading

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Electronic Imaging 2008: Your eye and novel single photon detectors

I’ve been telling everybody about this particular paper presentation at Electronic Imaging, because I think the implications are pretty cool. It’s yet another presentation where electrical engineers and image processing folks are treating machine vision more like human vision than … Continue reading

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Electronic Imaging 2008: Color Universal Design (and a MATLAB-based simulator)

Note: Here’s another dispatches about what happened at the Electronic Imaging symposium even though I’m back from San Jose. They will continue until I run out of useful things to write or something more interesting happens in my life. Yasuyo … Continue reading

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