Snapshot #1: San Jose Museum of Art

This dispatch innaugurates an occasional series of cross-sections through contemporary photography, which is far too broad to tackle as a whole — though I tried a couple years ago for a presentation. Because I’m lazy busy and inherently unfocused, I’m going to let other people do the work of slicing through the contemporary art photography world and share their results, neatly digested here.

Recently I visited the San Jose Museum of Art, which displayed photographs from the following artists:

Todd Hido

Susan Felter

Larry Sultan

Amanda Marchand

Edward Burtynsky

Richard Misrach

Michael Wolf

Binh Danh

Kimberly Austin

Vic Muniz

Lewis Baltz

Stéphane Couturier

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2 Responses to Snapshot #1: San Jose Museum of Art

  1. mary says:

    lucky duck! i just recently learned about edward burtynsky – his stuff looks so awesome! michael wolf seems to be appealing in the same way.

  2. Jeff Mather says:

    I really like Burtynsky. He’s everywhere these days.

    Michael Wolf’s photographs are truly something to behold in real life. From across the room, they look almost minimalist; but the closer you get, the more amazing they become. It’s not just the detail, but for me, it was the overwhelming realization of how many people there are in Hong Kong and the other cities he photographed. Well, here I am gushing like a schoolgirl.

    p.s. – Thanks for the cure for monkeypox. I’m almost over it.

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