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West Cemetery, Holliston

For some reason, this small, rural cemetery was once known as “Paddy Lincoln Cemetery.” Now it’s just “West Cemetery.” Enoch Chamberlain — Revolutionary War soldier (♂) [1] Capt. Staples Chamberlain — Revolutionary War soldier (♂) [1] Enoch Chamberlain (♂ – … Continue reading

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Book Recommendations

I’ve been reading a lot. That’s the benefit, I guess, of only having one class last semester. And I want to share with you some recommendations. But before that, here’s a simple request. Currently I’m between books and having a … Continue reading

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Afghan history since 1978

If you can believe it, I once made a serious go at becoming a historian. I wanted to go to history grad school, but I hadn’t taken any coursework as an undergrad. Feeling extremely self-conscious and very far behind, I … Continue reading

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Plain Burial Ground, Sherborn

This is a wonderful, little cemetery just north of Sherborn Centre on Route 27. There are many interesting stones, including a couple unique designs and one of the best urn motifs that I’ve yet seen. (See some of them in … Continue reading

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Two Cemeteries in Holliston

What better way to take advantage of the first beautiful weekend of spring than to go for ice cream after visiting some cemeteries with Lisa? I drive by these smallish cemeteries every Friday evening when I take back roads to … Continue reading

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Headstone Miscellany

I added a dozen new photographs of headstones and memorial markers to A Miscellany of New England Iconography, a sort of online primer of the styles of 17th – 21st century gravestones. Today’s additions mostly fit into the existing categories: … Continue reading

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Silk Road

I have a serious fascination with South and Central Asia. You know, the -stans — Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan — plus Iran and India. This interest is part of my infatuation with the Silk Road, so I … Continue reading

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Beyond JPEG

This dispatch is a bit of a valediction for me. Since early 2000, I’ve been one of the software engineers on the Image and Scientific Data Formats team at The MathWorks. I’ve learned a lot about an area of technical … Continue reading

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Understanding the Opposite Sex

One of my colleagues frequently needs relationship advice. We do our best and give generously, but we’re a diverse lot so the quality varies. As for myself, most of what I’ve learned about “going steady” I learned from a short … Continue reading

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Powerful Advertising

The other day my boss needed a happy thought, so I told him about one of my favorite advertisements. Thanks to YouTube, I can now share it with the whole world. If you enjoyed that, try the sequel. And then … Continue reading

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