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From the Yellow Notepad: C

Here are a few notes from the yellow notepad I’ve been using for school over the last six months. This first installment touches on C. Later I’ll add some UNIX programming and C++ notes. Basically these are the things that … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

If you’re in the U.S., I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day. Lisa and I went to the Old Burial Hill in Marblehead today, where Lisa took this picture: In Memory of James Dennis Hammond He was one of the … Continue reading

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Traveling again

Greetings from the Pacific Northwest. I’m in Bellevue, Washington, taking Herb Sutter’s class, Effective Concurrency. Scott Meyers took the chair right behind me; and, yes, he still needs a haircut. Of course, so do I . . . but not quite so … Continue reading

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Adding L* to RGBG

A few months ago I mentioned some research by Hultgren and Hertl about the quality of images from mobile devices, in which they discovered that mobile devices with small image sensors tend to perform very poorly in the circumstances where … Continue reading

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Central Artery Montage

It’s been a while since I posted any of my own photographs here — photos without headstones, that is. But today I installed Adobe Lightroom on the ‘ole PC, imported all of the old photos that I haven’t looked at … Continue reading

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Security Vulnerability in CDF, plus a MATLAB Fix

The CDF folks at Goddard Space Flight Center have identified a security vulnerability — a buffer overflow to be specific — that can enable the execution of arbitrary code on your machine if you open a particular malformed file. If … Continue reading

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