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It was time to evolve…

Some of the films I have loved (Click for larger…) I have nothing against film. I like film. I’ve been using it since I started photographing around 1990, when I appropriated my mom’s Pentax-mount Ricoh just before our trip to … Continue reading

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Sunil Gupta talks about Mr. Malhotra’s Party at Tate Modern

I haven’t done much with my perhaps overly ambitious project to examine contemporary Indian art photography. Last year on a short trip to the time-warp Iowa, I collected some notes on the many photographs I found on the web. And … Continue reading

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My Spring of 100 Mistakes – Part 3

Spring is officially over, but I’m continuing to make mistakes with my large format camera. Not a lot of mistakes. Not major mistakes, just little mistakes. But I’m really glad that I’ve been learning close to home so that I … Continue reading

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From the Yellow Notepad: Project Management

As promised before, here are some more notes from the classes that I’ve taken as part of my soon-to-be-completed Master of Software Engineering degree. This time: (software) project management. Most of this information comes from Effective Project Management by Robert … Continue reading

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Bibliography of Early National Period and Western History

I just realized I have this biggish, vaguely-annotated bibliography of almost 400 works on early American and Western American history. It’s neither current nor authoritative and only goes through 2002, but it’s free and might have a hidden gem or … Continue reading

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Worcester v. Georgia, or what I read on the beach in the Bahamas

It’s time for me to own up to something: I possess a much larger than average collection of books and notes about the Indian Removal Act, the Early National Period, and the Nullification Crisis. Like Louis P. Masur, I think … Continue reading

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Photography + Terrorism = Poppycock

I was talking with someone the other day about photography and terrorism plots. I’ve written about this before. And now that I’m using a large format camera, it seems even more ridiculous that someone in plain-view with a camera should … Continue reading

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MATLAB Performance Tricks #1

Avoid str2double and str2num. Use sscanf instead. For scalars, you’ll see a modest improvement. >> str = ’0009′; >> tic; for p=1:1000, str2num(str); end; toc Elapsed time is 0.126388 seconds. >> tic; for p=1:1000, sscanf(str, ‘%d’); end; toc Elapsed time … Continue reading

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My Spring of 100 Mistakes – Part 2

It’s still spring — even though it was 96ºF outside today and 92º in the house — and I’m still making mistakes. If you missed it, you can still read about the first batch of mistakes I made with my … Continue reading

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Scientific American article on digital fakery

Here’s a follow-up to my dispatch from January about Hany Farid’s presentation at Electronic Imaging on detecting digital manipulation of images. Dr. Farid has written an article on digital forensics in this month’s issue of Scientific American. (Thanks to Steve … Continue reading

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