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All Good Writing is Rewriting

While I was at Grinnell, I wrote a lot of papers. More than 70 by my count. Over time I learned to embrace the maxim that “all good writing is rewriting.” Now, as a software engineer I write proposals, technical … Continue reading

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Announcing a Series on Design Patterns

The first week of my final semester of grad school is in the bag. This go-round is all about software design, both low-level (“RSEG 109: Object-Oriented Design“) and high-level (“RSEG 290: Special Topics: Design Patterns”). When you add in the … Continue reading

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Article on High Dynamic Range Imaging and MATLAB

Peter Webb, one of my coworkers, published an article entitled “Rendering High Dynamic Range Images on the Web” in the July 2008 issue of the MATLAB Digest. Enjoy!

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Photography Podcasts

I am a serious podcast junkie. I currently have over 16 days of unheard podcasts. News, arts and culture take up most of my bandwidth. Recently — and by that I mean the last few months — I’ve been working … Continue reading

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Quickly Finding Numeric Patterns in MATLAB

Comrade programmers! About five years ago I wrote a little program to help me find numeric patterns in arrays. Basically I needed to find byte patterns like 0xFFFE 0xE000 in the data from DICOM files. Something like MATLAB’s strfind function, … Continue reading

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