It’s been a busy month since we returned from Paris on March 17th. Ten days ago I drove down to DC for the weekend to see Looking In: Robert Frank’s The Americans at the National Gallery of Art. And last Thursday I saw a great game at Fenway on a beautiful April afternoon. Then last night I went to Vik Muniz‘s lecture at the MFA, which was truly wonderful. (His Flash web site has a lot of images; so does Google Image Search.)

I had intended to post some touristy snapshots from DC, but I’ve been a bit occupied — as well as preoccupied by my next trip.

Tomorrow I fly to Salt Lake City, Utah. Saturday some college friends and I are going to go backpacking along one of the canyons in southern Utah’s Canyonlands NP. It’s my first pack-trip in almost fifteen years and the first where I brought my own gear, so I’ve been fretting a bit, though I’m really looking forward to it. The Colorado Plateau is my favorite part of the country: the wildest part of the Lower-48 and (in my opinion) the most beautiful.

We are going here:

Salt Creek Canyon

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