The Free Advertising Issue

It’s time for another hodge-podge posting. This time, I’ll just give random shout-outs.

Image Engineering: Dietmar Wueller has a great company that makes test equipment, targets, and software. I’ve had the good fortune of working a booth in a trade show next to them (more than once). I trust their expertise completely.

WyoFOTO, LLC: My mother and step-father are photographers and have a little web site of their own.

Trek 2.1 Road Bike: Every month brings a new event to distract me from posting here. In June, it’s my new bike.

Twitter: With millions of users, Twitter doesn’t really need me to get the message out. I think it’s a nice way to follow a small number of people who post links to photography, design, and software engineering articles/blogs/etc. that might interest me. Others use it differently — sometimes I do, too.

Flickr: They don’t need my advertising either.

The Wire: The final three episodes of “The Wire” should arrive in my mailbox today (via Netflix). If you’ve ever been hooked on the show, you’ll know another reason why I’m not posting more.

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