Australia is big.

I keep telling myself to imagine someone who’s visiting the US for three four weeks. At almost three million square miles, it’s about the same size as the contiguous 48 American states. You’d be a fool — or, at the very least, quite disappointed — if you tried to visit it all at once in such a short time.

And yet, it’s about as far away from here as you can get. And while I’m sure it’s a place we’d love to visit more than once, the distance doesn’t help with thoughts of moderation.

So Lisa and I need your help. If you were going to spend three weeks in Australia, what would you do? Just so you know, we like cities and nature and people and good food.

(While you’re pretending you’re us, pretend that you went through the mental trauma of buying a swimsuit last weekend so that you can start lap-swimming in a couple weeks so that you can swim with confidence while snorkeling and not be “that guy” at the beach . . . the slightly tubby American who repels beachgoers and needs saving by the lifeguard. That is to say, the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney’s beaches are on our list of “must do” things.)

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  1. Leslie M-B says:

    I’ve never been to Australia, but I do know there are a stunning number of venomous animals there and on the Great Barrier Reef. Take care!

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