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Things that Scare Me

It’s Halloween. All of the kiddies have come for their candy and gone away happy. Well, not all of them; we did run out of candy at 7:15 and had to turn off the porch light before everybody in the … Continue reading

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Why I’m Writing about Diabetes

I’m going to be writing a lot about diabetes over the coming month. Turns out, I have a lot on my mind about my chronic illness. Despite having had it for ten years, I feel like I’m still fairly unskilled … Continue reading

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Life Lessons in the Desert

In April I went backpacking in Utah with some college friends. It was my first backpacking trip in a very long time and my first time in the desert. I had a lot of fun! I also had some issues … Continue reading

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Coming soon: A month of new posts

Dear Readers: I want to thank those of you who regularly visit this site. I’m not exactly sure why you read these rather diverse dispatches. Some of you are family or friends wanting to keep up with what Lisa and … Continue reading

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Quabbin loop

Tomorrow — if all goes well — I’m going to ride my bike around the Quabbin Reservoir in central Massachusetts tomorrow. I’ve been cycling all over this summer, starting before I knew I was anemic and building up to a … Continue reading

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